Source code for grid2op.Agent.baseAgent

# Copyright (c) 2019-2020, RTE (
# See AUTHORS.txt
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.
# If a copy of the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0 was not distributed with this file,
# you can obtain one at
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MPL-2.0
# This file is part of Grid2Op, Grid2Op a testbed platform to model sequential decision making in power systems.

import copy

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from grid2op.Space import RandomObject

[docs]class BaseAgent(RandomObject, ABC): """ This class represents the base class of an BaseAgent. All bot / controller / agent used in the Grid2Op simulator should derived from this class. To work properly, it is advise to create BaseAgent after the :class:`grid2op.Environment` has been created and reuse the :attr:`grid2op.Environment.Environment.action_space` to build the BaseAgent. Attributes ----------- action_space: :class:`grid2op.Action.ActionSpace` It represent the action space ie a tool that can serve to create valid action. Note that a valid action can be illegal or ambiguous, and so lead to a "game over" or to a error. But at least it will have a proper size. """ def __init__(self, action_space): RandomObject.__init__(self) self.action_space = copy.deepcopy(action_space)
[docs] def reset(self, obs): """ This method is called at the beginning of a new episode. It is implemented by agents to reset their internal state if needed. Attributes ----------- obs: :class:`grid2op.Observation.BaseObservation` The first observation corresponding to the initial state of the environment. """ pass
[docs] def seed(self, seed): """ This function is used to guarantee that the "pseudo random numbers" generated and used by the agent instance will be deterministic. This guarantee, if the recommendation in :func:`BaseAgent.act` are followed that the agent will produce the same set of actions if it faces the same observations in the same order. This is particularly important for random agent. You can override this function with the method of your choosing, but if you do so, don't forget to call `super().seed(seed)`. Parameters ---------- seed: ``int`` The seed used Returns ------- seed: ``tuple`` a tuple of seed used """ return super().seed(seed), self.action_space.seed(seed)
[docs] @abstractmethod def act(self, observation, reward, done=False): """ This is the main method of an BaseAgent. Given the current observation and the current reward (ie the reward that the environment send to the agent after the previous action has been implemented). Notes ----- In order to be reproducible, and to make proper use of the :func:`BaseAgent.seed` capabilities, you must absolutely NOT use the `random` python module (which will not be seeded) nor the `np.random` module and avoid any other "sources" of pseudo random numbers. You can adapt your code the following way. Instead of using `np.random` use `self.space_prng`. For example, if you wanted to write `np.random.randint(1,5)` replace it by `self.space_prng.randint(1,5)`. It is the same for `np.random.normal()` that is replaced by `self.space_prng.normal()`. You have an example of such usage in :func:`RandomAgent.my_act`. If you really need other sources of randomness (for example if you use tensorflow or torch) we strongly recommend you to overload the :func:`BaseAgent.seed` accordingly. In that Parameters ---------- observation: :class:`grid2op.Observation.BaseObservation` The current observation of the :class:`grid2op.Environment.Environment` reward: ``float`` The current reward. This is the reward obtained by the previous action done: ``bool`` Whether the episode has ended or not. Used to maintain gym compatibility Returns ------- res: :class:`grid2op.Action.PlaybleAction` The action chosen by the bot / controler / agent. """ pass