Source code for grid2op.Agent.recoPowerLinePerArea

# Copyright (c) 2019-2020, RTE (
# See AUTHORS.txt
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.
# If a copy of the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0 was not distributed with this file,
# you can obtain one at
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MPL-2.0
# This file is part of Grid2Op, Grid2Op a testbed platform to model sequential decision making in power systems.

import numpy as np
from grid2op.Agent import BaseAgent
from grid2op.Observation import BaseObservation
from grid2op.Action import ActionSpace
from grid2op.Exceptions import AgentError

[docs]class RecoPowerlinePerArea(BaseAgent): """This class acts like the :class:`RecoPowerlineAgent` but it is able to reconnect multiple lines at the same steps (one line per area). The "areas" are defined by a list of list of substation id provided as input. Of course the area you provide to the agent should be the same as the areas used in the rules of the game. Otherwise, the agent might try to reconnect two powerline "in the same area for the environment" which of course will lead to an illegal action. You can use it like: .. code-block:: python import grid2op from grid2op.Agent import RecoPowerlinePerArea env_name = "l2rpn_idf_2023" # (or any other env name supporting the feature) env = grid2op.make(env_name) agent = RecoPowerlinePerArea(env.action_space, env._game_rules.legal_action.substations_id_by_area) """ def __init__(self, action_space: ActionSpace, areas_by_sub_id: dict): super().__init__(action_space) self.lines_to_area_id = np.zeros(type(action_space).n_line, dtype=int) - 1 for aread_id, (area_nm, sub_this_area) in enumerate(areas_by_sub_id.items()): for line_id, subor_id in enumerate(type(action_space).line_or_to_subid): if subor_id in sub_this_area: self.lines_to_area_id[line_id] = aread_id if (self.lines_to_area_id == -1).any(): raise AgentError("some powerline have no area id") self.nb_area = len(areas_by_sub_id)
[docs] def act(self, observation: BaseObservation, reward: float, done : bool=False): line_stat_s = observation.line_status cooldown = observation.time_before_cooldown_line can_be_reco = ~line_stat_s & (cooldown == 0) if not can_be_reco.any(): # no line to reconnect return self.action_space() area_used = np.full(self.nb_area, fill_value=False, dtype=bool) reco_ids = [] for l_id in np.where(can_be_reco)[0]: if not area_used[self.lines_to_area_id[l_id]]: reco_ids.append(l_id) area_used[self.lines_to_area_id[l_id]] = True res = self.action_space({"set_line_status": [(l_id, +1) for l_id in reco_ids]}) return res